No Hassle Donation

Welcome to a new year at Lake Travis High School! Please consider becoming a Friend of the LTHS Parent Teacher Organization. There is a one-time donation of $15 per family. Also, please consider making a “NO HASSLE” donation. Funds are used to support students and teachers of LTHS throughout the year. Your support of the PTO helps us provide supplies and equipment to our teachers that they wouldn’t otherwise receive. In 2017-2018, through personal donations and other fundraising efforts, the PTO was able to provide over $46,000 in teacher and campus wish list items as well as awarding a student and staff member each month and providing scholarships for two students. Our goal is to do even more this year!

Tax EIN 54-4856797

THANK YOU to our 2018-19 No Hassle Donors

1000+ Club

Amelio, Bill & Jamie  

500+ Club:

Biggs Family
Brunner, Heather & Brian Regan
Devin, John & Olivia
Gastwirth Family
Hester Family: Scott, Krista, Giacomo, Ava
Kauffman Family
Lawley Family
Maddalena, Larry & Shannon
Packer, Cody and Lindley
Petersen, Karin & Christopher
Warren, Chris & Serene

250+ Club:

Alanis, Salvador & Mercedes
Aoueille, John & Chandra
Badciong Family
Berneburg Family
Blizzard, Rick & Carlaine
Brady-Waller Family
Buddin, Jason & Angela
Connors, Joe and Leilani
Cottey Family
Craig, Berenice & Jason
DeNisio, Virginia
Dorset Family
Durden Family   
Flores, Jim and Stacy
Freeland Family
Frezon Family
Hanania family
Hart Family
Herdman, Fred & Stef
Hodgson, Susan & Curt
Fingerman Family
Jalufka Family
Jewett, Brenda & Brad
Kennemann Family
Luna/Miller Family
May, Julie and David
Meyer Family
Phillips, Randy and Denise
Potts Family
Powell Family
Ramos Family
Richards, Paul & Carol
Sickels, Jon & Renee
Slavin Family
Stanislaus, Jim & Tara
Stapleton Family
Starr Family
Stein, Melissa
Watson, Sam & Shannon
Zavel Family

100+ Club:

Maldonado, Virgil & Lisa 

Adam Martin Family

Aldrich Family
Alexander-Taylor Family
Alford Family
Arceo, Reggie & Michele
Arora Family
Autry, Julianne
Barba Family
Bartosh Family
Bendetti Family
Berens Family
Berglund, Bill & Jennifer
Bilderback Fam
Birdwell Family
Bishop Family
Brodie Family
Burnett Family
Butler Family       
Burns, John and Lisa
Bushhorn Family
Caraway, Jason & Charla
Cavazos Family   
Cho, Yong & Sue
Clemmons, Tom & Gaylonn
Coldwell Family
Coleman Family
Cowan Family
Cranny-Fee Family   
Crean Family
Curry, Sean & Pam
Davis, Darin & Tiffany
DeMarco Family
DeSouza Family   
DiLeo Family
Dinger Family
Dizmore, Steph
Doering, Kristi
Edmundson Family
Edwards, Kristene, Jake & Sydney
Elder Family
Escott, Charity
Fagan Family
Fernandez-Stoll, Tony & Heather
Fischer Family
Fisher Family
Fogarty Family
Forman Family
Fowler Family
Francis, David & Mialinda
Fulton Francois Family
Gatlin, Jim & Shannon
Glova Family
Goldsmith, Allen & Carry
Green, J
Gregg, Jodi & Preston
Guerin, Kevin & Heather
Guerrina Family
Hale Family
Haney Family
Hank Family
Hayes Family
Higginbotham-Alsaffar Family
Hight Family
Holmertz, Peter & Elisa   
Hooks, Mike & Angie    
Homoya Family
Hooper Family
Housson Family
Humann, David & Mandi
Humann Family
Ittycheria Family
Jackson, Norma Jean & Scott
James, Benedict & Draionna
John, Robert & Kaki
Kelbaugh, Suzanne & Hank
Kent Family
Kerrigan Family
Kimble Family
King Family
King, Ben & Kara
Knox Family
Kuhns Family
Lakeway Health & Wellness Chiropractic
Land, Geoff & Tritia
Lenamon Family   
Luna/Miller Family   
Lundstedt Family
Lewis, Ron, Dena, Colson & Blakely   
Luo Family 

Maldonado, Virgil & Lisa
Malone Family
Marin Family
Matherne Family
Mayfield, Debbie & Will
McCarthy, Kevin & Jill
McCausey Family
McKeown, Jennifer
McMillan-Goff Family
Michaels Family
Millan Family
Momin Family
Moreland/Blair, Jan & Brit
Morrow Family
Mueller Family
Murphy Family
Naivar, Michelle & Craig
Neises Family
Nguyens Family
Noble Family
Nokes, Kelli
Obregon, Ben & Becca Aronow
O'Connell Family
Offel, Kirk & Dawn
Olney Family
Patton, Julie
Pellegrino Family
Perkinson Family
Peters Family
Petru Family
Pirtle, Todd & Alicia
Prior, James & Lisa
Rabbitt Family
Raza Family
Reagan Family
Reeder Family
Riden Family
Riebold Family
Rorer Family
Runkels Family
Saint Family
Sanders Family   
Schoonmaker, Steve & Christin
Schmidt Family
Schneider, Kerrie & Chris
Sewell Family
Sharp Family
Shields, Keith & Karen
Shipp, Steve & Kendal
Sijan Family
Singh Family
Singireddy Family
Slagter Family
Smith, David & Kate
Smith, Greg & Kerri
Smith, Rodney & Kathleen
Soo Family
Sowell Family
Spille, Eric & Jennifer
Stephens Family
Still, Amy & Steve
Stoltman Family
Suh Family
Tapia, Daniel & Juliet
Thomas, Brad
Thompson Family
Thornley Family
Tiffany Family
Tinsman Family
Tobin, Ami
Toothbud Pediatric Dentistry
Torres, Michael & Christine
Trawick, David & Debra
Uremovich Family
Uselman, Mike & Vicki
Valadez Family
Van Essen Family
Van Heijningen Family
Vickers, Craig & Monica
Von Roemer, Bert & Christine
Wade, Ben & Ashley
Walton Family
Weber Family
West, James & Deborah
Wheatley Family
Wheeler, Brad & Angie
Wilbanks Family
Wilcox Family
Windham, Monica
Whitwell Michelle
Wilkinson, Amy & Eric
Wilson, Troy & Penny
Wolf, Eileen
Wright Family
Ybarra Family
Young Family
Young, Vic & Nicole
Zapalac Family