No Hassle Donation

Welcome to a new year at Lake Travis High School! 

In 2018-2019, through personal donations and other fundraising efforts, the PTO was able to provide over $56,000 in teacher and campus wish list items, as well as, awarding a student and staff member each month and providing scholarships for two students. Our goal is to do even more this year!

Please consider making a "No Hassle" donation today. Funds are used to support students and teachers of LTHS throughout the year. Your support of the PTO helps us provide supplies and equipment to our teachers that they wouldn’t otherwise receive. 

Alternatively, consider becoming a "Friend of the LTHS PTO" with a one-time donation of $15 per family.  All LTHS PTO donations are tax-deductible!

Tax EIN 54-4856797

THANK YOU to our 2019-20 No Hassle Donors

1000 Club

Armani Family  

500 Club


Koleber Family

Lawless Family

Macdowell Family

Martinez, Vince and Laura

Meid, Steve and Brandy

Regan Family

Stanislaus Family

400 Club

Orloff Family

300 Club

 Fagarty, Teri

250 Club

Alanis Family 

Alsaffar - Higginbotham Family

Aoueille Family

Badciong Family 

Bilderback Family

Blackerby Family

Conti Family

DeLeon, Jenn and Jose

Ellison Family

Ezzell, Bryan and Deborah

Flores, Jim and Stacy

Freelance Family

Gatlin Family

Guerin Family 

Hale, Joseph and Lettie

Hester, Felicia and Craig

Hodgson Family

Holst, Jeff and Jana

Housson Family

Jackson, Scott and Norma Jean

Jalufka Family

Kelbaugh Family

Kenis Family

Knox Family 

McMillan, Blane and Beth Goff

Odom, Shanti

Owen Family

Pavlu Family

Pischinger Family

Pradeep Family/ Sudha Pradeep

Ramos Family

Riebold Family

Slavin Family

Still, Steve and Amy

Tiffany Family

Trickett Family

Uecker, John and Janet

Van Ackeren Family

Williams Family

200 Club

Guerra, George

Morgan, Marnie

Taves, Leonardo 

100 Club

Allen, Deanna

Aldrich Family
Ammerman, Bernard and Denise


Armendariz Family

Ashley Family

Baker, Mike and Jill

Baker, Stephen

Barba Family

Barclay, Emily

Beier-Gest Family 

Berneburg Family

Blizzard, Rick and Carlaine

Bopp Family

Brindley Family

Brown Family

Brown, Tracy

Burnett Family 

Buschhorn Family

Champion Family

Cole, Cindy and Scott

Coleman, Gina

Conner Family

DeSouza Family

Devine, Elizabeth and Joe

Digebjerg, Jill and Peter

DiLeo Family 

Dinger Family

Donovan Family

Edwards, Kristene and Jake

Esformes, Fanny

Fergerson Family

Flickinger Family

Foltz, Scot and Barna, Stacy

George Family

Glascoff Family

Grimsley, Jim and Linda

Guerrina Family

Hale, Julie and Bill

Hannaford Family

Hayes, Family

Hebel, Kelly

Hight, Kevin and Liz

Holt, Rebecca

Homoya Family

Hooper Family

Hornsby, Doug and Tiffeny 

Hucik Family

Humann Family

Hund Family

Jackson Little's Family

Jewett Family

Johnston, Ben and Shannon

Katacic Family

Kelly, Jennifer and Steve

Kent Family

Keshu Family

Kiehler Family

King, Kara and Ben

King, Kenny and Wendy

Kingsley Family

Kirby, Ron and Kristin

Korzen Family

Land, Geoff and Tritia

Lenamon Family

Little, Denise

Luo Family

Malone Family

Marshall, Katie and Jeff

May Family

McCarthy Family

McClanahan Family

Mcever, Ann

Meyer Family

Middlebrook Family

Miller, Gary and Tracy

Morford, Kathy and Houston
Naivar, Craig and Michelle 

Nels Family

Nelson Family

Obregon, Ben and Aronow, Becca

O'Brien, Troy and Priscilla 

Paine Family

Pakarinen, Mary and Eric

Patton, Julie and John

Pellegrino Family

Peters Family

Petru Family

Pittenger Family

Polacek Family

Popov, Nicky

Potts, John and Jana

Powell Family

Rabbitt, Terry and Shelley

Racusin Family

Reagan Family

Richard, Danielle

Roberts, Ashley and Drew

Rock Family

Sandheim, Kate

Schultz, Guy and Marianne

Seth Family

Sigel, Doug

Sijan Family

Soo,Maria and Peter

Sowell Family

Spencer, Chris and Julie

Texan ATM

Theiss, Brett and Derides

Thomas Family

Thornley Family

Trawick Family

Tripi Family

Tseng, Eliza and David

Uselman, Mike and Vicki

Valadez Family

VanderMeer Family

Vickers, Monica

Von Roemer, Christine and Bert

Wagner, Joe and Michele

Walton, Michael and Shaeli

West, James and Deborah

White Family

Wilcoz Family

Windhams Family

Wissner Family

Young, Cathy

Young Family

Young, Michael and Claire

Zapalac Family